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The special care given by Linda as a midwife means comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care with continuous support and monitoring throughout labor and delivery. Your visits with Linda and her support staff will include counseling to build a foundation of confidence, trust and comfort while acknowledging your hopes, fears and expectations during your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

At all visits we take time, not just for physical examination, but also to address a variety of topics important to you. A significant goal of our care is cultivating a comfortable and mutually trusting relationship to ensure that your pregnancy and birth are as healthy and safe as possible and your transition to parenting as satisfying as it can be.


First, come in and get acquainted! In a private consultation visit, you will meet with Linda who will discuss your questions, describe services we offer, and assist you in finding the information you need to make an informed choice about your pregnancy and birth care. Call us at 707.462.5025 to schedule an appointment.

Initial Visit

Your prenatal care begins with a lengthy and individually tailored initial visit in which your health history and nutrition are discussed, a physical exam is performed as needed, and laboratory tests are discussed and obtained as you choose.

Return Visits

Subsequent prenatal visits occur every month until the third trimester of pregnancy, increasing to biweekly, and then weekly as you approach your due date.


Approximately a week after delivery, you return to our office for a postpartum check, and again at 6-8 weeks to check on your recovery, the baby's feeding and behavior, and your overall adjustment post-labor and delivery.